In the garden of the heart, a bloom so rare,
A beloved, a melody, beyond compare.
Whispers of affection, a sweet serenade,
In the tapestry of love, a cherished cascade.

In the moonlit dance of shadows and light,
The beloved emerges, a radiant sight.
Eyes that shimmer like stars in the night,
A tender embrace, love takes its flight.

Through the seasons of life, hand in hand,
A beloved, a compass, on love’s sacred land.
In laughter and tears, in joy and in strife,
The heartbeat of love, the rhythm of life.

Oh, the tales spun in the book of our days,
Of the beloved who guides us through life’s maze.
A confidant, a solace, a haven so true,
In the vastness of love, dreams anew.

Each word, a lyric in the ballad we share,
A beloved, a symphony, beyond compare.
In the silence, echoes of a love profound,
A bond unbroken, an eternal sound.

Through the valleys of time, the beloved walks,
Leaving footprints etched in the memory’s talks.
A muse that inspires, a flame that ignites,
In the heart’s gallery, love paints its sights.

So here’s to the beloved, a timeless song,
A melody that lingers, forever strong.
In the dance of moments, forever swayed,
In the embrace of love, the beloved is laid.

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