Who is Mahabir Pun?

Who is Mahabir Pun?
Mahabir Pun

Mahabir Pun is a renowned Nepali social entrepreneur and technology advocate who has made significant contributions to the development of technology and education in rural areas of Nepal. His work has earned him both national and international recognition for his efforts to bridge the digital divide in remote and underserved regions of the country.

Mahabir Pun’s notable works and contributions include:

1. Establishment of the National Innovation Center (NIC): Mahabir Pun founded the National Innovation Center in Nepal, which serves as a hub for promoting technological innovation, research, and development in the country. The center is dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation and supporting startups and projects related to agriculture, education, and technology.

2. Wireless Internet Connectivity: One of Mahabir Pun’s most significant achievements is the establishment of a wireless internet network in rural areas of Nepal. He introduced wireless technology to connect remote villages to the internet, enabling access to information, education, and communication for people who previously had little or no connectivity.

3. E-Sewa and E-Library: Mahabir Pun initiated projects like “E-Sewa” and “E-Library” to provide digital services and resources to rural communities. E-Sewa allows residents of these areas to access various online services, such as banking and government information, while the E-Library provides digital educational resources to schools and individuals.

4. Educational Initiatives: Mahabir Pun has been actively involved in improving educational opportunities in remote regions of Nepal. He established schools, particularly focusing on computer education, and encouraged students to use technology for learning.

5. Awards and Recognition: His remarkable contributions have earned him numerous awards and honors, including the Magsaysay Award, also known as the “Asian Nobel Prize,” in 2007. He was recognized for his innovative approach to using technology for rural development and education.

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6. Advocacy and Collaboration: Mahabir Pun has been an advocate for technology adoption and innovation in Nepal, regularly collaborating with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and educational institutions to promote his vision of a digitally connected and educated Nepal.

7. Research and Innovation: He actively encourages research and innovation by supporting local innovators and inventors in Nepal. His efforts have led to the development of various technological solutions aimed at improving agriculture, healthcare, and education in rural areas.

Mahabir Pun’s commitment to leveraging technology for rural development and education has been instrumental in narrowing the digital divide in Nepal. He has empowered communities by providing access to information and educational resources, ultimately improving their quality of life and socioeconomic prospects. His work continues to inspire others and serves as a model for using technology as a tool for positive social change.


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