Beauty of My Love

Oh, my love, the one who shines so bright,
With eyes like stars and skin so white,
Your beauty takes my breath away,
And fills my heart with joy each day.
Your smile, so warm and full of grace,
Lights up my world and every space,
And when you speak, your voice so sweet,
It’s music to my ears, a lovely treat.
The way you move, so elegant and free,
As if the wind itself is guided by thee,
Is a sight to behold, a work of art,
That moves my soul and warms my heart.
Your hair, like silk, so soft and pure,
In every way, you are a lure,
That draws me near, and makes me yearn,
For your love, forever to learn.
In every moment, in every way,
You bring joy to my life each day,
And so I sing this song to you,
To praise your beauty, forever true.
My love, my life, my heart’s desire,
You are my light, my eternal fire,
And in your beauty, I see God’s grace,
A gift to cherish, in every place.

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