Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD)

    Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) is a continent-wide forum that aims to constitute the missing link in Asia by incorporating every Asian country and building an Asian community without duplicating other organizations or creating a bloc against others.

    The ACD was inaugurated in June 2002 in Cha-Am, Thailand, where 18 foreign ministers met together for the first time. The forum aims to consolidate Asian strengths and fortify Asia’s competitiveness by maximizing the diversity and rich resources of Asia.

    The main values of ACD include positive thinking, informality, volunteerism, openness, non-institutionalization, respect for diversity, and the comfort level of member countries. The dialogue organization currently comprises 35 member countries.

    There are two dimensions of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue: The Dialogue Dimension and the Project Dimension. The dialogue dimension of ACD aims to promote the interaction and participation of ACD Ministers and Government officials. On the other hand, the project dimension encourages countries to volunteer to become prime movers in areas of cooperation of their interest and to develop each project to the advantage of Asian countries.

    Asia Cooperation Dialogue Areas of Cooperation

    i. Connectivity

    ii. Science, technology, and innovation

    iii. Education and human resource development

    iv. Interrelation of food, energy, and water security

    v. Culture and tourism

    vi. Inclusive and sustainable development

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