What is the Summary of The Recurring Dream?

Summary of The Recurring Dream

The Recurring Dream is a short supernatural story from England. A supernatural story has features that are not common in the real world. For example, ghosts, vampires, etc. which science does not approve of, are available in supernatural stories. The Recurring Dream is a short supernatural story that has a ghost as a supernatural figure. So, let’s read a brief summary of The Recurring Dream below.

What is the Summary of The Recurring Dream?

The main character of the story, The Recurring Dream, is Kimberly Clark who is a resident of London, England. She is 25 years of age and everything about her is normal. Clark is beautiful and has many friends. Her best hobby seems to be dancing. As a grown-up woman, Kimberly also works for a big company where she has a good position.

However, Clark has a recurring dream which is mysterious because in her dream she encounters an unknown person and a strange place. In the beginning, she dreams the same thing frequently and later she has the same dream almost every night. So, where is this strange place and who is the unfamiliar person in Clark’s dream?

The recurring dream of Kim Clark begins on a village road. When she stands on this road, she sees a lane that has a white wall and hedge on both sides. At the end of the lane, there is a little hill and at the top of the hill is a tiny white cottage with green shutters. In one of the rooms, Clark finds a man asleep in bed. His white hair and white beard show that he is an old man. When the little girl goes near him, the old man wakes up and stares at her. Just when Kim tries to talk to him, she also wakes up in her apartment in London.

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The little lady of The Recurring Dream, Kim is worried because she has this unusual dream every night. She knows neither the house nor the old man in reality. The activities in her dream are also exactly the same every night. When she is awake, Kimberly tells her roommate, Janet Wilson, about this recurring dream. Hence, Janet asks Kim to go to her parents’ farm where the environment is peaceful. Due to the fear of the recurring dream, Clark agrees to go to Wilson’s parents’ place.

Finally, on a Saturday morning, Kim and Janet leave London in Janet’s car. When they can no longer see the London city, Kim sleeps on the seat beside Janet. When Janet drives her car onto a country road, her friend, Clark wakes up. Maybe because a country road is normally not pitched and hence, rough which makes any vehicle jolt. After a while, Kim exclaims: “There it is Jan!” When Janet asks Clark what she is talking about, Clark says that it is the place that occurs in her dream.

Janet tries to convince Kim that it is not the place because there are similar houses in the countryside. But Kim sees the exact same house with green shutters and a lane with a fence and hedge on both sides. Janet tries her best to stop her friend, but Clark goes to the house and in front of the house is a sign, FOR SALE. Kimberly knocks at the door and her hands tremble while waiting for a response. When she notices the same old man with white hair and a white beard that comes in her recurring dreams, her whole body shakes in fear. Likewise, the old man is equally scared upon seeing Kim and he closes the door. She requests the man not to close the door and she says “Please! I have to talk to you.”

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He opens the door a little and asks, “What do you want here? Why don’t you go away?” Kim stammers while saying “I – I see – I see this house is for sale.” It shows that she is too afraid. The old man says his house is for sale but thinks Kim wouldn’t buy it. Why? “Because a ghost haunts this house. He adds that the ghost comes almost every night to haunt the house. Kim asks if he knows the ghost and he replies: “Yes, I do now.” When Clark asks who the ghost is, the man with white hair and a white beard answers “It’s you!” and closes the door. At the end of this summary of The Recurring Dream, we come to know that Kimberly Clark is a ghost.


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