Color and Personality Relationship

This essay explores how Colour and personality are related to each other. Also, it lets you know about the colors you paint inside the wall of your rooms or apartment reveals something about your personality and thereby the color carries a significance in life.

Colors that I have painted my apartment inside are blue and white. These colors are my most loved among many. Such a favorite thing like the color is one of the parts of the constitution of my subjectivity. This exposes my-self out to the world to some degree. I trust that color has an implicit association with my personality development. It is said that reputation is what individuals think you are, the character is the thing that you truly are whereas Personality is the thing that you appear to be. This implies personality can be described with a color one prefers to. Colour has an impact on my personality in one way or the other. It unpretentiously shapes the way we consider and behave with other individuals. In addition, personality is concerned about a person’s psychology, considerations, feelings, and sentiments which are unique to a human. To be precise, the totality of character, qualities, and attributes of a person are in charge of trim his/her personality. In straightforward words, personality is an arrangement of characteristics that make a person particular from another. Personality is comprised of some trademark example of contemplations, sentiments, and conduct that make one individual not quite the same as others.

Walls inside my apartment are painted with blue color and the ceiling with white. These my most loved hues subtly have impacted me at the level of perspective and the conduct in like manner. As white is the color of immaculateness, it influences me to feel like I ought to be genuine at my study and job I do. As I fall tired of long concentrate in a library or of work, I regularly recline on a chair in my room taking a gander at the roof by tossing my head back and a devout inclination develops inside me. I think this color has constantly grown a profound sense of spirituality and a feeling of morality inside me. My confidence in God and my humanitarian values have been again fortified because of my inclination to white color. This white ceiling purifies my spirit and the body on the largest amounts. I feel like I am effectively releasing my pressure and tiredness as a momentary staring at colored ceiling brings me peace and solace at the most elevated amount. It fills in as the best reliever of torment. It is useful for expelling undesirable sicknesses and inconveniences from the body. This is the means by which this white ceiling can make me enthusiastic and end up hopeful even in hardship I need to experience.

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Similarly, colors express the fundamental psychic elements of human. When I see blue walls inside my flat, I feel so comfortable, quiet and confidence in light of the fact that I love to see blue color. It is an image of truth, quietness, and concordance. It is expected that blue shading alleviates our distressful personality. It is useful for cooling, quieting, reproducing and securing. Those blue walls convey a sort of comfort to me. It fills vitality that all I lose at work-place as I get into the room. It influences me to feel like I am protected and satisfied. At inconspicuous level, it improves and moves me to run with flawlessness as far as brain and body i.e. balance. It serves me to grow a seed of positive reasoning. It clears my blocked mentality to make a clear way to the ethereal self. This is how blue walls represent and governs my inner psychology.

To sum up, colors have not assumed a less part to develop my personality. There is a close connection between Blue wall and white ceiling, and my personality. ¬†As indicated by analysts individuals’ inclination for color has profound physiological effects for our state of mind or feeling. All the more essentially, study prescribes that color can influence our being and the choice of color is critical to our inclination. This is what I also feel at times. Colour is one aspect of my qualities that constitute my psychological and physical being including appearance, conduct, propensities, taste and even good character. So, the personality of a person is the means by which he/she introduces himself/herself to the world; it is the manner by which others see him/her.

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