Who is the boyfriend of Reena Hammer? How much is her Net Worth?

Who is the boyfriend of Reena Hammer? How much is her Net Worth?

Reena Hammer is a daughter of Ruby Hammer, a  famous British beauty makeup artist. Ruby gave birth to Reena on November 19, 1984, in London, United Kingdom. Currently, Reena holds the position of a creative director for an organization, Urban Retreat Beauty Salon.

Reena successfully ranks in the top list of celebrities around the globe. Now, many recognize her as a businessperson. So, is she dating a boyfriend or is she enjoying marital bliss? Let’s find out more details.

Who is Reena Hammer?

Reena Hammer is an English businessperson and the daughter of a British makeup artist mother and a British entrepreneur father. She studied the arts and Latin at Kings College in London and she grew up in a business family. Her mother, Ruby Hammer, owns a cosmetic brand-Ruby & Millie whereas her father, George Hammer, is a millionaire businessman.

Reena Hammer Dating, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Engaged, Husband, Bio
Reena Hammer. Source: More

George Hammer owns a reputed company: Harrods luxury spa Urban Retreat that deals with the distribution of Aveda. In the same way, Reena Hammer pursued her career in business and arts. She is a director, producer and managing director at Urban Retreat Beauty Company.

Is Reena Hammer Dating a Boyfriend?

To your surprise, Reena Hammer is currently not in a relationship with any guy. The rumors and news about her present boyfriend have not come to the public so far. But did she date any boyfriend in the past? Let’s find out !

Reena Hammer Dating, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Engaged, Husband, Bio
Reena Hammer with former boyfriend, Jonathan, Source: Amany

Reena Hammer had almost six years of a romantic relationship with Jonathan Rhys. She had met Jonathan in 2004 for the first time. Her former boyfriend is an actor and Hollywood heartthrob. Reena Hammer argues that she wasted six years of life living with him. Hence, she finally broke up with Rhys in the year 2012.

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According to her, Jonathan has acute issues of cocaine and drugs. He rather insulted and abused Reena Hammer during their relationship. On top of that, Reena Hammer accuses her former boyfriend of demonstrating homosexual tendencies. Therefore, she claimed that she was happy with her discussion of breaking up the relation with Jonathan.

How Much is the Net Worth of Reena Hammer?

The latest update on the net worth of Reena Hammer shows that she is worth $1 million. Her primary source of income is the business. Her business was growing rapidly in 2018 and the same pace of progression is still continuing even in 2019. She mainly deals with fashion designing and arts like her mother, Ruby Hammer.

Reena Hammer Dating, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Engaged, Husband, Bio

Picture source: Getty Images

Reena’s father, George has an estimated net worth of $5 million. More importantly, George Hammer is an important person in the life of Reena Hammer because he is the founder of the British Retreat Beauty Company. This is where Reena Hammer works as a director and manager.

Reena Hammer’s Body Measurement

The official date of birth of Reena Hammer is November 19, 1984. On that basis, she is at the age of 35 now. Similarly, with regard to the height, she is 5 feet and 3 inches tall.

Reena Hammer has brown eyes and long straight black hair. Furthermore, the weight of Reena Hammer is approximately 45.4 kg. She seems to maintain her weight fit and healthy. She has an attractive slim body figure.

Facts About Reena Hammer

Where is the birthplace of Reena Hammer?

London, UK

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What is the birth sign of Reena Hammer?


What is the nationality of Reena Hammer?


What is the Ethnicity of Reena Hammer?


How tall is Reena Hammer?

5 feet 3 inches

What is the weight of Reena Hammer?

45.4 kg

What is the color of  Reena Hammer’ eyes?


What is the Hair Color of Reena Hammer?



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