A Meditation Upon A Beautiful Mind

A Meditation Upon A Beautiful Mind

Osho delivers a speech to his disciples:

It is better to fall in the name of love than to fall in the name of religion. With blind love, life becomes a nightmare. With love in your heart, your action becomes wholesome. Love and meditation are interconnected. They support each other. One, who is meditative, will display love naturally; and when one radiates love, meditation will follow like a shadow. So, love and meditation are inseparable.

In this essay I meditate upon my beautiful friend – a beautiful mind; and for that, I need to go to my memorable past. When I was in a grade VIII, a noble girl originally from Pokhara enrolled in the same school where I studied.  She was so unique due to her charismatic personality and behavior. She was a person of the perfect blending of a beautiful brain and intelligent beauty. Anything that attracts our eyes and makes us move around is the beauty. There are so many poetic creations and proverbs on beauty. “Beauty commonly produces love”, says Thomas A. Addison. Likewise, Socrates delivers, “Beauty is a short-lived reign”. Similarly, William Shakespeare pronounces, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” According to him, beauty is relative than absolute; it exists in the eyes of the onlooker. We noticed that particular girl as a beautiful natural product of human being.

She was of haply but suitably medium shaped and sized Homo sapiens. She had a slim bodily design. She stayed in simple clothes but yet she looked pretty. She had a fair complexion and oval face. Her blue eyes were remarkably noticeable and were often compared with the deepest-lake-like bluish eyes of the female actor of the Bollywood cinema Taal who was Aishwarya Rai by us. She had long black hair like New Moon’s longest Yeldic night of the year. Her facial smile was very unpardonable mysterious like in the masterpiece artistic figure of Leonardo Da Vinci i.e. Monalisa. Her unexpected terrific intelligence and extremely beautiful appearance both had tremendous impression over us. One, with a beautiful character, naturally displays beauty; and for this statement, I consider, she was actually gifted.

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The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself – the world of oneself. I was especially very terrified as I had a fright that she would overcome my rank. In the first term exams, she captured the second status; and again in the second term, she conquered to be first – a great challenging invasion forever for me. To my wonderful amazement, she invaded merely the third position in the final examination. I made an inquiry and discovered that she had not attempted some questions including the easiest ones in some papers. When I asked her the cause, she mysteriously smiled and easily replied that she had studied my emotional feelings. She didn’t want to hurt and upset my ego – my mind and my position. An expert is one who knows more than more about less than less. The most beautiful things in the world are not necessarily the most useful.  I realized the first time in my life from the bottom of my heart that beauty is indubitably linked to integrity. On the turn of the grade IX, she left the school as her father was transferred somewhere from our time and space; and, since then, I haven’t seen her – I haven’t met her.

The beauty of character is not a happening by opportunity; it is cultivated diligently – with time. Have you ever gone through a 2001 American biographical drama film, A Beautiful Mind, directed by Ron Howard and starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, inspired by incidents in the life of John Forbes Nash Jr., and in part based on the biography A BeautifulMind by Sylvia Nasar? If you long through the playful movie, you will properly understand that experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.

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Eventually, a question arises, “Did I fall in love with her?”I partially than completely accept it because in actual lovely affection, surrendering of the self is the underlying principle; and, for love to endure, it has to be laced with wisdom. On the other hand, I even have to endure that my love has remained unexpressive. Kabir recites, “Love does not grow in closed hearts; it grows in open hearts. The more one develops the love for others, the richer one becomes.” My mind frequently becomes conceived thinking that loving others is good; being loved is better; loving and being loved is great. In my case, it has become serious; as still she haunts me phantom-wise, sea moving under skies, never seen by my waking eyes.

Murari Parajuli beautifully and equally powerfully tells in one of his verses:

I have seen Miss World

In Mother Teresa’s wrinkled cheek

And I have seen Beauty Queen

In Jhamak Kumari’s feet.

Some philosophers mention, “Intelligent people do not fall in love; instead, they rise in love.” I am neither one of the philosophers nor I belong to a category of the intelligent persons; but, at this very moment, in the faculty of my mind, only one question often arises there:

Where is my beautiful friend?

Where is the beautiful mind?

Composed by Kushal Khatri, a literary critic, and creative writer


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